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PET Researcher Opportunities at NICTA, Sydney

| | 2012.11.01. 21:00:40  Székely Iván  


NICTA's Network Research Group is looking for researchers and post-docs with experience in privacy enhancing technologies, in line with its current work in this area . Successful candidates will contribute to the research activity at NICTA.

NICTA (National ICT Australia Ltd) is Australia's Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence. Its primary goal is to build and deliver excellence in ICT research and commercial outcomes for Australia. Since NICTA was founded in 2002, it has created five startups, developed a substantial technology and intellectual property portfolio, and continues to supply new talents to the ICT industry through a NICTA-supported PhD program. With 5 laboratories around Australia and over 700 staff, NICTA is the largest organisation in Australia dedicated to ICT research.

Accountability and Associated Responsibilities:

  • Achieve the highest international standards of research.
  • Publish results of research in top tier venues targeted at security and privacy e.g. S&P, CCS, USENIX Security, NDSS, PETS etc.
  • Participate in supervision and review of PhD students.

Essential Requirements:

  • PhD qualification in a relevant area of CS, Engineering, or related fields.
  • Proven research experience in privacy enhancing technologies.
  • High quality publications in top tier journals and conferences relevant to privacy enhancing technologies.

Salary and conditions are commensurate with experience. The positions are based at the ATP Laboratory in Sydney, Australia. Applications will be considered as they arrive and the start date is negotiable.

For further information please contact Roksana Boreli roksana.boreli(at) or Arik Friedman, arik.friedman(at) .

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