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New doctoral dissertation on anonymity

| | 2015.05.13. 20:48:57  Székely Iván  

Gábor György Gulyás, founding Editor-in-Chief of the International PET Portal and Blog successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Protecting Privacy Against Structural De-Anonymization Attacks in Social Networks" earlier today. The peculiarity of the public defense held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, was that not only the dissertation had been written in English but the defense procedure has also been conducted in English, and one of the two opponents, Julien Freudiger participated in the event from the US through Skype connection. The doctoral committee accepted the thesis and the oral presentation with the highest grade and awarded the PhD degree to the doctoral candidate.

A study publishing the results of the doctoral research can be accessed here.

UPDATE (2015-05-15): the dissertation is available online here.

Tags: social networks, anonymity, identity separation


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