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StegoWeb: publish your Facebook and Google profiles with the service providers not knowing about it!

| | 2011.08.04. 05:27:22  Földes Ádám Máté  

Profiling – collecting information about somebody from various sources, possibly by multiple means – may be a major concern for users of the internet, even more so since the beginning of the Web 2.0 era, which has made publicly disclosing personal information a kind of a social norm. This effect has made it easier for a profiler to look for information about someone, because it is no longer necessary to use sophisticated tracking techniques like Evercookies; it is likely that one can fill oneself in about somebody just be consulting the publicly available Web 2.0 services, such as blogs and social networking websites. In addition, several Web 2.0 service providers prohibit the obfuscation of the disclosed information in their Terms of Use, which means that the techniques of defence that rely solely on encryption are not applicable for all services.

Tags: steganography, articles, privacy enhancing technologies


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The 24-hour hacker contest turns international at Budapest

| | 2010.11.18. 20:40:43  Gulyás Gábor and Eötvös Loránd University will jointly organize for the fourth time the 24-hour hacker contest. This year the contest will be international so two-member student teams are welcome to attend from all over the world. There is a single condition: teams must attend the contest in person at 2 p.m. December 3, 2010 in the Southern Building at the Lágymányos Campus of the Eötvös Loránd University. Once again the prize is HUF 1,000,000 or approximately EUR 3,700!

Tags: press, steganography, game, hacker contest


Source: ITSCC website

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