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Report on privacy issues in online social networks

| | 2011.10.21. 10:40:37  Székely Iván  

The SPION Project has finalized and made publicly available a deliverable that provides an overview of the state of the art in research on privacy in social networks from different perspectives (technical, legal, sociological, etc), and points to challenges and research gaps.


The objective of this deliverable is to (1) provide an overview of existing literature and case descriptions of social and community uses of online Social Network Services (SNS); (2) summary of available educational solutions and empirical evidence of the efficiency and efficacy and the satisfaction they generate; analysis of legal frameworks applicable to SNS; (3) a review of confidentiality, access control and information flow, as well as feedback and awareness solutions. The Deliverable also includes an analysis of how the gaps and challenges in the different disciplines represented in the project are interrelated, mapping out research gaps and potentials for future interdisciplinary research on privacy and security in online Social Network Services.

The document can be downloaded from here.

Tags: social networks, SPION project


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