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PhD job announcement in the Fraunhofer Institute (short deadline)

| | 2011.02.24. 15:27:32  Székely Iván  


The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
(<>) is looking for a

Social science or economics graduate (male or female)

for its "New Technologies" competence centre to commence as soon as possible. He/ she will work, inter alia, in the EC-funded project “Supporting fundamental rights, prIvacy and ethics in surveillance technologies” (SAPIENT). In the context of this study, he/she will have the opportunity to write a PhD thesis on privacy and data protection-related impacts of smart surveillance technologies.

He/she will work on further projects aiming to analyse scientific-technical, economic, social and political aspects of the development and use of Information and Communication Technologies, also at the interface with nanotechnologies, life sciences, and environmental and energy technologies. These analyses aim to provide scientific strategic advice to decision-makers in politics and industry.

Applicants should have successfully completed an appropriate degree in social science, economics or other surveillance and privacy-relevant disciplines (e.g., technology and culture, sociology, media studies). Very good knowledge of English and computer skills, as well as the willingness and ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and to acquire a good command of German are pre-conditions.

You will find interesting projects in the areas of policy, industry and technology, a communicative and friendly team of colleagues, and an excellent technical and administrative support infrastructure. Employment terms, remuneration and social security benefits are in accordance with the TVöD (collective wage agreement for German public sector employees).

The employment contract is limited to one year at first but can be extended for three more years.
Closing date: Mach 4, 2011
Reference No. ISI – 2011-9

Contact for your application:
Fraunhofer Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung
Gudrun Krenický
Breslauer Straße 48
76139 Karlsruhe

Tags: PhD position, social sciences, economics, surveillance





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