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Post-Doctoral Research Position: Privacy in Pervasive Communications at EPFL (Switzerland)

| | 2011.02.24. 12:31:02  Székely Iván  


Opening for a Post-Doctoral Researcher: Privacy in Pervasive Communications

EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne), Switzerland
School of Computer and Communication Sciences

Mission: Contribute to the research efforts of the group, involving many interactions with PhD students, senior researchers, faculty members and external partners (industry or academia); some participation in teaching is also expected.

The research activities will mainly revolve around the design and the validation of protocols and algorithms to protect privacy in upcoming wireless networks, with an emphasis on cooperation aspects.

Working language: English (the knowledge of French is not required).

Starting date: to be agreed upon, possibly in summer or fall 2011.

Application date: preferably before March 1st, 2011

Complete text of the opening description:

Contact person: Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux

Tags: postdoctoral research position, protocols





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