Terms of Use

The content published on the website of the International PET Portal and Blog is copyright protected. However, such contents may be used and distributed without further consent by the copyright holder – with the exception of use for business purposes –, if the author and the source are duly indicated. If you are using our materials, we would be pleased to receive information about it.

Contents created not only by the editors but by users, too, may be published on the portal. By publishing user-created content the user accepts the above general terms of use.

User-created content should comply with the following rules:

In the user’s comments and uploaded materials information about an individual other than the user may only be published if the individual concerned has consented to it, or if – regarding the activity of the individual or the nature of the information – it is permitted by law.

The user is responsible for unlawful publishing of personal data of others, irrespectively of the truthfulness of the information. The extent of responsibility is greater in case of unlawful publishing of sensitive personal data (relating to racial, or national or ethnic minority origin, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or ideological belief, or membership in any interest representing organization, state of health, pathological addictions, sexual life or criminal personal data). The user is publishing such data as responsible data controller.

Publishing of other persons’ data is lawful especially if

  • the person has consented to publishing the information relating to him/her in advance (in the case of sensitive data, in writing),

  • personal data of a person acting on behalf of public authority relating to such activities are published, or

  • personal data of a public figure relating to his/her public appearance are published, including the data of another user earlier published by that user him/herself, and the conclusions drawn from such data.

The user may not breach the honor or good reputation of others, even by publishing data in compliance with the rules above; the user is responsible for such communication, irrespectively of the truthfulness of his/her assertation. The user is not allowed to publish content evoking hatred or incitement.

The user is not allowed to upload material of which he is not the holder of the right of use, or which may provide opportunity to abuse other users’ personal data in any manner. We may remove such materials form the portal but the uploading user remains responsible for the damages he/she may have caused.

The editors of the portal are moderating uploaded content in advance, thus user-created contents will not be posted automatically, only after prior moderation. The editors of the portal may omit content not complying with the above rules, or, if they recognize the infringement of rights later, may remove such content. They may demand to cease and desist the infringer from the infringement, and in case of repeated infringements they may ban the user on the portal. – We kindly ask you follow the above rules so that such acts could not happen.

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