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PhD position in Leuven

| | 2010.11.29. 17:19:44  Székely Iván  

A Ph.D. position is available within the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) group at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. COSIC is a top international research group in the areas of cryptography, computer security and privacy. With more than 60 researchers from 20 different nationalities it is one of the largest security groups world wide. The Ph.D. candidate will be working under the supervision of Prof. Claudia Diaz and Prof. Bart Preneel on the topic of location privacy.

Location privacy has become a major concern due to increasingly widespread practices that involve the collection and analysis of location data. Smart phones connecting to the Internet, smart vehicles commu- nicating with each other, or electronic transport cards all reveal potentially sensitive location information. These data could be easily abused to infringe individuals’ privacy through surveillance and profiling. The goal of location privacy technologies is to enable location based services and applications while preventing the disclosure of private location data.

The research will be focused on the formalization of location privacy properties, the design and analysis of location privacy technologies with a focus on preventing traffic analysis attacks, and the study of inter- disciplinary aspects of location privacy (part of the work will be done in collaboration with researchers with a background in law and ethics, so the candidate should have a broad interest in the subject beyond the purely technical aspects).

The candidate will be expected to conduct high-quality research, publish in top conferences and journals, and obtain her/his Ph.D. degree in four years.


• Master degree in Computer Science / Engineering
• Very good academic record
• Good to excellent knowledge of English both oral and written, good writing skills
• Self-motivated, resourceful and creative problem solver
• Having a background in information security is desirable
• Having publications is desirable

Salary and benefits

• Starting date: as soon as possible (the vacancy will stay open until a suitable candidate is found)
• Duration scholarship: 4 years
• Salary: 1.750 euros/month net (health insurance is also provided)


Your application must contain: a cover letter introducing yourself and providing a strong motivation for doing scholarly research in the field of location privacy; your CV; copies of your degrees; information about your education including a list of attended courses with grades and dates; reference letters or contact addresses of reference persons; a brief summary of your master’s thesis; and if applicable copies of publications or proofs of other achievements. In addition, the application must include an outline of ideas and perspectives that the applicant wishes to develop in his/her PhD project (no more than one page).

Contact: claudia.diaz [at]

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The 24-hour hacker contest turns international at Budapest

| | 2010.11.18. 20:40:43  Gulyás Gábor and Eötvös Loránd University will jointly organize for the fourth time the 24-hour hacker contest. This year the contest will be international so two-member student teams are welcome to attend from all over the world. There is a single condition: teams must attend the contest in person at 2 p.m. December 3, 2010 in the Southern Building at the Lágymányos Campus of the Eötvös Loránd University. Once again the prize is HUF 1,000,000 or approximately EUR 3,700!

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Source: ITSCC website

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