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2017. April

2017.04.05., How Websites Can Identify You By Your Browser Extensions and Web Logins

2017. January

2017.01.10., Re-identification explanation and an intuitive in-browser demo for social networks

2016. December

2016.12.19., Interesting film of an iPhone that was made stolen

2016. June

2016.06.01., Use kmap to visualize anonymity/uniqueness in your data

2016. April

2016.04.06., TracEmail: know who else might read your mails!

2016. March

2016.03.17., Last Week Tonight Show (HBO): Encryption

2016.03.02., Where is privacy in the advertising wars?

2016. February

2016.02.23., On the impact of machine learning (on privacy)

2016.02.11., MyTrackingChoices: An attempt to end the AdBlock war

2016. January

2016.01.28., New privacy awareness raising website:

2016.01.17., Re-addressing fundamental issues of practical privacy technology

2015. December

2015.12.21., LocationGuard and the anonymity paradox

2015. November

2015.11.30., Update your TOR Browser settings – otherwise it’s less anonymous than you’d think

2015. October

2015.10.16., Predicting anonymity with neural networks

2015. August

2015.08.18., Predicting anonymity with machine learning in social networks

2015. July

2015.07.21., Device fingerprinting by font-rendering differences

2015.07.13., The Tor Project is looking for an Executive Director!

2015.07.08., Two doctoral studentships available at Oxford

2015. June

2015.06.11., PhD and postdoc positions at Leuven University

2015. May

2015.05.13., New doctoral dissertation on anonymity

2014. December

2014.12.18., 2015 International Workshop on Privacy Engineering – IWPE´15

2014. October

2014.10.31., Funny: Invasion of the Data Snatchers

2014.10.13., Handbook on Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies

2014. May

2014.05.27., Security/Privacy PhD position at the University of Regensburg

2014. April

2014.04.18., Know the price of your privacy!

2014.04.13., The Data Retention Directive is invalid

2014. March

2014.03.25., Best Practices and Best Technologies: an Overview

2014.03.11., Need of anonimity II. – Rock privacy in 8 easy steps!

2014. February

2014.02.12., Need of anonimity I. – How to rock privacy

2013. September

2013.09.30., Tracking users on the web – reaching your devices and beyond

2013. August

2013.08.26., Preventing misuses and misapprehensions of FireGloves

2013. June

2013.06.25., Living in Surveillance Societies

2013. March

2013.03.08., More than 70 leading European academics are taking a position

2012. November

2012.11.01., PET Researcher Opportunities at NICTA, Sydney

2012. March

2012.03.05., Senior Research Analyst position at Trilateral

2012.03.05., Post-doc positions in PETs at JRC, Italy

2012. January

2012.01.15., For Human Eyes Only!

2011. October

2011.10.21., Report on privacy issues in online social networks

2011. August

2011.08.17., Postdoctoral position in privacy-enhancing technologies - start date is negotiable

2011.08.04., StegoWeb: publish your Facebook and Google profiles with the service providers not knowing about it!

2011. July

2011.07.23., More than 20 PhD scholarships in Darmstadt!

2011.07.18., BrowserID criticism: "constructively negative comments" requested

2011.07.18., Upcoming article: BlogCrypt: Private Content Publishing on the Web

2011.07.11., The database of honest people

2011. April

2011.04.01., PrimeLife and PICOS closing events at IFIP SEC 2011

2011. February

2011.02.24., PhD job announcement in the Fraunhofer Institute (short deadline)

2011.02.24., Post-Doctoral Research Position: Privacy in Pervasive Communications at EPFL (Switzerland)

2011.02.24., Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Human Factors of Information Technology Privacy

2011. January

2011.01.16., Upcoming event: DON’T LET THEM KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU!

2011.01.14., Updated article: What Do IT Professionals Think About Surveillance?

2010. November

2010.11.29., PhD position in Leuven

2010.11.18., The 24-hour hacker contest turns international at Budapest

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